LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier With cover & manual. Absolutely mint condition.
Probably the best acoustic amp ever.
The L.R. Baggs Core 1 Acoustic Reference Amplifier is a 200-watt, 2 channel acoustic guitar combo amp that blends a cutting edge loudspeaker, analog and digital circuit technology and industrial design. The Core 1 amp redefines the way acoustic guitar and vocals should be amplified.
At the heart of the Core 1 amplifier is L.R. Baggs' BMR Sound Radiation Technology, a patented loudspeaker that creates and radiates sound in a fundamentally different and better way than the norm. The brainchild of eminent speaker designer Dr. Graham Bank, it was specifically adapted for acoustic guitar in collaboration with L.R. Baggs engineers. Exclusive to L.R. Baggs, this 7-1/2" diameter flat honeycomb diaphragm speaker employs a single 2" voice coil to generate a 140-degree wide full range conical sound field with a clean SPL of 108 dB. As all frequencies are generated by one flat diaphragm, there are no crossovers or time distortions to smear and muddy the sound. Harmonics align naturally with fundamentals, so clarity and detail are breathtaking but without the normal harshness or annoying directionality of a multi driver system.
The clarity of this amplifier is unmatchable. The L.R. Baggs A-REF amp simply does an outstanding job of amplifying an acoustic instrument without distorting the natural sound.
An excellent sounding amplifier, which doubles as a small PA system. It's great for solo gigs and small band rehearsals. If you've been looking for a very clean harmonica sound for diatonic or chromatic, you will like this amp. It does not modify your sound, but instead gives you an amplified version of what your playing really sounds like. If you desire an electric guitar or dirty harmonica sound, you can run your instrument through effects before plugging into the amp.
A lengthy review of the amp can be found here:
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