When David MacCubbin steps up to the plate, you know it's going to be a home run. No matter that the bat's made of different woods than you'd expect, the result is the same: thunderous tone, and lightning-crack responsiveness. The 2014 Concert Series we've got here stands as proof that not all guitars are created equally, or created from the same material. With Sinker Mahogany back and sides and a gorgeously colorful Tulip Magnolia top, this guitar has a voice rich in overtones and sustain. Tulip Magnolia seems to fall between Spruce's brightness and Cedar's warmth, offering a dynamic compromise between the two that allows for expressive fingerstyle passages just as easily as flatpicking crescendos.David's obviously onto something here, and when you find a topwood like this on a guitar so cleanly constructed, you've got a guitar which commands attention both for its appearance and its voice. The neck profile is particularly comfortable, with a slinky setup for fast and easy fretting, and the Ebony fretboard showcases MacCubbin's playful sense of style with its wandering Mother-Of-Pearl dots. Trimmed in Flamed Maple with open-back Grover tuners, the words "stunning" and "classic" come to mind. Finally, this guitar comes in a brand new TKL hardshell case, so there's no worries about any harm coming to this unique combination of Tulip Magnolia, Sinker Mahogany, Ebony, and Maple.

Year Condition Color Case
2014 Brand New Mahogany - Honduran Original Hard


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