Beautiful Macmull Heartbreaker Neo Private stock in great condition. It's not mint with a few very small dings and a finish crack below the E strings at the neck, but otherwise very clean and a great player. Check out this fantastic sounding guitar on the Macmull U Tube video.
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This is Macmull's description: Heartbreaker NEO RB (Ringless Buckers)

As a part of our desire to explore new territories of sound, we are proud to introduce the Heartbreaker NEO. Presented in 3 different pickup configurations.

Heartbreaker NEO series retains the Macmull vintage sound and add our latest discoveries, never done before in guitar world, allowing us to think outside the Classic design boundaries.

The new body rout with its back plate let’s us control the relationships even further than before, allowing for a clearer electronics response and improved wood vibration.

Look inside the back plate and you’ll find a filtering metal board(specially formulated) allowing greater clarity and attack, specially crucial when using Humbuckers Or P90's due to their wider sound range.

Humbuckers are now inserted in a unique sound enhancing technique. Attached to the body top and giving the impression of a semi hollow guitar, these are not chambered but a specially designed pickup cavities that eliminate the need for the common “service ears” or pickup rings.

This design looks clean and prestige and contributes to the overall pickup sound.

Innovation starts from within, and we design our guitar from ground up. That said. there is a new buttons layout and gorgeous new pickguard enhancing the overall look and fits our trademark headstock.

Our loved headstock is also refreshed and features new proportions that are subtle but noticeable.

The Specs are:

Weight: 3.01kg / 6.64lbs

Body Material: Alder (Private Stock)

Neck Material: One Piece Premium Maple (Private Stock)

Fingerboard Material: Madagascar Rosewood (Private Stock)

Neck Profile: Oval C (20.5mm 1st fret - 23.5mm 12th fret)

Neck Width: Standard Spacing:

Nut width: 42mm,

21th fret: 55.6mm

Fingerboard Radius: 9.5"Fret Wire6105

Top Finish: (Nitrocellulose)Macmull Royal Orange

Dark Brown Back And Sides Finish (Nitrocellulose)

Pickguard: 3ply Black/White/BlackAgingNOS (Aged)

Bridge: Standard Heartbreaker Half Bridge

Custom Neckplate Engraving

Rare as Rubies

Rare as Rubies

Royal Orange
Rare as Rubies
Julian Marsh
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
8:34 PM

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