12+12 watts from 2 pairs of EL84 output tubes - yes, it is in fact stereo, just like the name says. Each one of those power sections drives a Magnatone Custom 10" loudspeaker, and the basic tonality of the amp is clean at moderate volumes with good headroom and clarity without excessive brightness, like a vintage Ampeg (or Magnatone, for that matter), and a musical bark when overdriven. Rich, deep reverb, terrific amplitude modulation tremolo like a '60s Fender and then there's perhaps the amp's most notable feature, the pitch-changing stereo. It's uniquely hypnotic and lovely, and more usable across a variety of musical styles than it might sound like on paper. Great cosmetics, light weight, comes with footswitch and deluxe vinyl cover, made with premium components in Los Angeles, California, USA.

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