Here’s a 19 fret tenor banjo from 1920’s made by the Puntolillo Company, New York, and later in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Around 1924 Puntolillo began building model Wondertone S. S. Stewart branded banjos and did so for several years. He also created tenor banjos under the name. Before the big 20’s tenor banjo boom he was making open back 17 fret models under the name “The Bell”  In the 20’s, he had his own line and also produced banjos named Regina.

An archtop tone ring patent was issued in 1920 to Gaetano F. Puntolillo and is the proprietary tone ring used in the Majestic branded instruments. It has a sweet sustain with plenty of bass resonance.

The five piece neck is constructed from walnut with centre maple strip and green dyed pear wood either side. The ebony heal cap also is sandwiched with maple and pear wood. The head stock has inlaid floral design and the Magestic name both in mother of pearl. The 19 fret ebony fret board is inlaid The resonator is crafted from incredibly figured flame maple.with inlaid rings on the back .

The rim is 3/4″ thick multiply maple. The patented brass/nickel plated arch top tone ring rests on the rim and this is what gives this banjo its real sound. The inner resonator is curved and when attached to the rim the sound is projected through the holes in the flange plate. Inside, it has a single nickel plated rod.

$1250 With original hard case

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Vintage Gintage

Vintage Gintage

Original Hard
Vintage Gintage
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