"Palm Trees, Senoritas... and Rocket Ships" - the illustrated History of National, Dobro, Supro, Valco and OMI Guitars
A 423 page tour-de-force that explores the
fascinating design world of the musical instruments produced by the Dopyera Brothers from 1923 to 1993. Famous for their 'National' guitars, they went
on to pioneer electric pickups, fiberglass construction, amplifiers etc, and
influenced the sound of Country Music, Bluegrass, Blues and Hawaiian music
through most of the 20th Century.
Entirely and lavishly illustrated with over 1100 musical instruments and
amplifiers and more than 100 artists who used them - this is THE
DEFINITIVE COLLECTION of all the various developments, designs, colours
and engraving patterns of everything produced by the Dopyera Brothers
in their various companies throughout the 20th century - National, Dobro,
Supro, Valco, Mosrite, Regal and OMI. It has them ALL! It also features lap steels, amplifiers
and various National and Valco manufactured items for other Trade houses.
The book is concluded with an updated list of the serial numbers of known
and re-discovered instruments - now in excess of 4200. A MUST HAVE for
anyone interested in these guitars. Leaves other books on the subject in the dust....$140

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