Manley Force 4-Channel Tube Preamp Demo/Open Box


Four Channels of world-class Manley Tube Preamps at an incredible price!

What we think:

Manley has really outdone themselves with the overall price-to-value ratio with the Force. Providing 4-channels of world-class tube preamps based off of the successful Core Channel Strip, the Force is a powerhouse of an expansion pre for thunderous drum tracking or live band recordings. The Force's musical and detailed tone is the result of hand-wound Manley iron input transformers and meticulously selected 12AX7 vacuum tubes - it's a perfect fit when warming up some detailed pencil mics on acoustic guitar or when you're after a touch more warmth from a clean solid-state mic when tracking vocals. High pass filters on every channel and a plethora of headroom solidify the Force as an excellent addition to any studio, be it your first high-quality standalone preamp or as a world-class tube expansion pre - you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal for preamps of this quality!

Manufacturer Description:

From America’s premier high-end studio gear manufacturer, the Manley FORCE bursts into 2015 with four channels of vacuum tube microphone preamplifiers extracted from the hugely popular and award winning Manley CORE®, housed in an exquisitely gorgeous chassis, meticulously hand-crafted, purposefully and efficiently California built for $2500 MSRP. That’s right. FOUR channels of real High Voltage vacuum tube mic preamps for $2500!
Your relationship with the FORCE begins with the ergonomic facia through its thoughtfully organized controls, silky and bulletproof rotary potentiometers, positive latching feature switches, and convenient Direct Input 1⁄4” jacks. Seven-way LED metering for each channel provides instant visible feedback for audio levels which are enhanced with a double-inlay CNC-milled accent. A feast for the eyes, yeah, we know. This is investment-grade audio equipment that you will be as proud to showcase in your studio as we are to handcraft it here in Southern California.

A Sonic Tour de FORCE

Your microphone signals enter through gold-plated XLR connectors straight into our MANLEY IRON® mic input transformers. Your line level sources or instrument level guitars and keyboards come in via the front panel 1⁄4” Hi-Z 10 megOhm jacks before hitting the input level control which also acts as a Variable Input Pad. Phase Reverse and a 120Hz High Pass filter can be invoked here in the circuit and then we’re into the 12AX7 dual triode amplifying stage operating in pure Class A, of course. The amount of GAIN for each channel can be selected as 40dB to 60dB via the front panel switches. The output stage “can drive a truck” as we like to brag delivering up to +35dBu. That’s INSANE!

High Voltage = High Headroom = High fidelity

You will not get near this sonic performance with any 500-series design, trust us. This is FULL FORCE audio excellence from Manley Labs, proudly built by our American workforce. A Compelling FORCE for you. This is our Driving FORCE. Let us share it with you.

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