Mapex 6x14 Black Panther Wraith Matt Halpern Snare Drum


Bone-dry, winter-sharp; the ghost notes whisper while the backbeat wails. This drum will haunt you from beyond the gig. 

What we think:

A snare sensitive enough for whispering ghost notes and a wailing backbeat. The snare is fitted with Sonic Saver hoops that reduce dramatically stick wear and enhance resonance. It also
features the Black Panther cylinder-drive strainer that uses a self-lubricating bearing to ensure smooth operation while providing control of the snare tension. The cylinder-drive strainer also provides a tactile click as it’s turned, and the adjustment dial employs micro-lock technology for control. Sonic Saver hoops are designed to bridge the gap between flanged and die-cast versions. The Wraith brass shell incorporates nine vents to bring a touch of dryness to the overall sound.  Warm, open, and explosive just like Matt's playing.

Manufacturer Description:

The 14" x 6" 1.2mm brass shell of the Mapex Wraith Snare provides the foundation for every bone-shattering rim shot. The 9 vents in the shell bring a touch of dryness to the overall sound with increased response and clarity. Matched to the shell is the Black Panther 45° bearing edge making all your quiet strokes present even at a whisper. This drum will haunt you from beyond the gig.

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