Mapex 5x14 Black Panther Black Widow Snare Drum


This full-bodied snare drum is deadly with its dark and focused tone. It's ideal for an all-sround main snare. 

What we think:

The Black Panther snare drum's handmade and hand-finished shell is complemented by completely redesigned hardware. From the fresh, sculpted lug design to the smart new badge, Mapex Black Panther snare drums are now more beautiful than ever. 

Manufacturer Description:

The full-bodied, versatile Mapex Black Widow Snare Drum boasts extreme sensitivity and dark, dry tone. It measures 14" x 5" and has a 5.1mm maple shell and a 5:5 bearing edge (a 45°edge rounded on the outside). 


  • Sonic Saver Hoops
  • Cylinder-Drive Strainer
  • Premium Snare Wires

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