Mapex 5.5x14 Black Panther Blade Steel Snare Drum


Bring out the blade for a sleek appearance that can carve deep into any groove with its tone. Be careful! It will cut. 

What we think:

Black Panther series snares drums were created through extensive teamwork between Mapex and their most respected artists. After carefully considering every detail from shell materials and functionality, to sizes and aesthetics; the Mapex design team got to work on what would become one of the most revered series on the market. The result is a collection of unique drums that all have their own unique voice while still being distinctly Mapex. All of these drums have a fantastic look with an unbelievable sound to match. Each drum features hand-built and hand-finished Black Panther shells and pro-level hardware.

Manufacturer Description:

This particular snare is named "Blade" for it's uncanny ability to cut through anything. The thick 1mm steel shell delivers a razor-sharp tone with a crisp attack, and extended resonance. The traditional 45 degree bearing edge allows the heads to fully resonate all the way to their edges, producing greater sensitivity that ultimately delivers softer dynamics and more pronounced ghost notes. The moderate 14" x 5.5" size is extremely versatile, lending itself to a wide range of musical applications. The unique shape of the Mapex Sonic Saver Hoops greatly reduces wear and tear to sticks. This also helps reduce the strain and fatigue on your arms over prolonged periods of play.

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