Mark Kane is uniquely situated as a guru in BOTH the D & T style amps.  Mark has spent countless years studying, building, listening and refining his work to the point where he is known around the world.  Each amp is custom created and voiced specifically to achieve the desired tone.  I've been lucky enough to represent Mark (and luckier to be a personal friend).  I've ordered dozens of custom amps for customers; each has been thrilled with the result.

Here I have a BRAND NEW 100w ODS "Robben Ford" voicing head with accompanying 'Dumbleator'.  The cover is grey seude which is typically an upcharge.  I ordered this because I believe it's nice to help folks achieve immediate gratification (LOL).   This amp captures all the touch responsiveness, chime, bloom and sustain you seek in a D-style amp.  Having owned 2 Dumbles myself I can say this amp captures what D's 1/25th the price.

Questions?...please ask.  Custom orders welcome with a faithful 8-10 week build.



Mark Kane
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