Now we’re cookin with gas! For your consideration a 1997 Marshall 1959 SLP head! 100 watts all tube! This thing is loud and stays clean! Made in England! As the story goes these amp was originally designed in part because Pete Townshend said he needed more volume. By the end of 1967 they had delivered to him the Classic 100 watt EL34 Plexi model we all have come to know and love. By 1968 everyone from Jimi Hendrix to Eric Clapton was using these high wattage amps!

Specs! Made in England. 100 watts all tube. Three 12AX7s, 4 EL 34s. Capable of putting out 4, 8, or 16 Ohms. Knob lay out is Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, High Treble (loudness 1) and Norm (loudness 2). 4 inputs on the front.

Not for the faint of heart! If you need to be loud and clean this is a great way to go! Would make a great pedal platform! Perfect for a rock band that uses lots of pedals. If you want loud clean leads this amp is for you! Throw a tube screamer or boost into it and be careful where you point that cab! One of Marshalls most iconic amps!

Year: 1997

Model: 1959 SLP

Serial: RI/973683230

Condition: This amp is in very good condition.

Modifications: None.

Comments: Clean and loud!

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