Marshall 50 Stack, The following head /cabinet configuration are one of Marshall's classic designs,
fully original in exceptional /investor grade quality....
Full details as follows:

Marshall 50
50 watt (original mullard EL34s)
Internally /Externally Original (transformers, tolex, chassis, etc...)
Condition 9+/10 (near museum quality with minor tolex marks)

Marshall 4x12 Cabinet
Basketweave Grill
Celestion Greenback 25s (original cones)
Internally /Externally Original
Condition 9++/10 (near museum quality with minor vinyl tolex marks)

Covers - The stack has the original slip covers that add to the vibe and rarity...

History - The above stack has within the last days has been purchased from the original owner and comes with full written verification...

Year Condition Color Case
~1967 Near Mint Black None

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