SOLD BUT OTHER 50W JMP'S AVAILABLE! This 1973 Marshall 50w Lead growler from my G-base collection is 100% original. Correct transformers (laydown mains baby!) ensure punishing classic Marshall tube crunch at very reasonable cost compared to the prior plexi panel amps using same components, trannies, caps etc just on a circuit board vs turret board. Amp is in superb condition and has all its original Daly filter caps without any leaks or bubbling... very important if you're serious about ORIGINAL tone. No holes in chassis or mods done ever and if that wasn't enough, the amp was signed by the man himself on the back panel! Output tubes are vintage Mullards and needless to say, the amp sounds fabulous...

Royal Brit Music

Royal Brit Music

Marshall PLEXI
12 Years
Royal Brit Music
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