An original lightweight 3 lb 1 oz 1945 hide glue era Martin 0-17 that has seen some play wear over the years, with a replaced bridge as it’s only real issue. Guitar has light checking, edge wear and nicks and dings from play wear and honest use over 74 years.

A crack free example where it counts, with the exception of a typical sound-hole to bridge crack ..guitar has not been cleaned or polished, the sides have some nice figure and grain pattern to them. This is a beautiful lightweight guitar that plays well as it is set up.
It's original tuners are classic thin gear, no bushing, models typical of wartime fare, and there is not a magnetic truss rod, as is correct for this year. Original ebony nut, bridge plate, & strap button at the tail. No strap button at the neck heel ever installed, and it appears this has never had a neck reset. The neck heel area is perfect, other than some play wear at the body junction.
Comfortable round neck profile has a full feeling as it approaches the neck. Neck Thickness at 1st fret: .902, 7th fret: 1.062, 11th fret 1.118. There is some light overspray on the back of the neck at the wear spots only. The headstock is free of overspray and the neck heel appears free of overspray also.

The guitar plays very well as it is. No work is needed to use it as a player guitar. The bridge has been replaced, probably as a fix for a changing neck angle to lower the string height. Non-original bridge footprint measures: 1.21” x 6.05 “’s. and has screws added 4.30 inches on center that come through the top with a nut. Height at the saddle is about .34”. Most vintage Martins need neck resets at this age.

String height at the 12th fret is "Low E" 5/64’s, "High E" 4/64’s. 1 11/16th ” at the nut. The back seam has a hairline separation beginning at the heel and the tail, but almost microscopic. I did not notice this until I reviewed my macro shots, it is stable & I do not think it needs a repair. This has a typical small split at the sound-hole, with a unique attempt at cleating it, easily removed. See the pictures of the internal bracing is included..something rarely seen in adds for vintage acoustics!

I’ll let the vintage experts slug it out amongst themselves on this topic, but this 0-17 has brass frets. They look original with no signs of a refret. Brass frets would not be considered standard on a Martin, some examples of 1945 Martins with brass frets apparently have been noted. First two frets show rutting, and the fretboard on the 2nd position shows sign of finger wear, but it is not bad. The frets look original to me, but many will say that is impossible.

Please email with questions or for specific pictures. Ships with a non-original hard shell case.

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