1945 Martin 0-18. This Martin has been oversprayed, with some original finish still remaining on the body, and much original finish, including decal, on the neck. The guitar is structurally sound, and the only significant repair that we are aware of is a small cleat under one edge of the pick guard, a place where Martins commonly crack, sometimes referred to as "The Martin crack," because so many of them have this.

This guitar features an Adirondack Spruce top, as it was produced right about the time Martin transitioned from Adirondack to Sitka Spruce for the tops.As a "war time" guitar, when steel was very scarce, this particular guitar lacks tuner ferrules, and features brass frets. The brass frets are quite worn, but still playable, and make the guitar unique, so we have left them alone for now. The guitar has reproduction vintage style Grover tuners. These tuners are silky smooth, with no play, and they stay in perfect tune.

Action is good, 3/32" on treble side and 7/64" on bass side. The guitar does not need a neck reset, however, note that the bridge has been slightly shaved. Nut width is 1.70", a smidge more than 1-11/16".The headstock features its original decal, and lightly oversprayed original finish. Apparently some small decorative stones or sequins were mounted on the headstock, and evidence of this can be seen.

The serial number is 91XXX. The guitar is feather light, at under 3.5 lbs. The sound is wonderful, bright and clear, though this small bodied instrument does not have the same boomy sound as a D-18. It is a pleasure to play, the "0" body is so comfortable to hold, and the sound so sweet with the Adirondack top.

The guitar ships in a very old soft case that is in poor condition. We believe this case to be the original for the guitar, so they will stay together. A sturdier case will be needed if the guitar is to be traveled with.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Keep the guitar for 48 hours, and if not fully satisfied, return for a full refund minus shipping charge.

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Fiesta Finishes

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Fiesta Finishes
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