For your consideration, a very, very fine example of a pre war guitar manufactured by the C.F. Martin guitar company. An outstanding representation of a classic instrument.
Martin has done an amazing job restoring this classic. The top had some cracks in it, as many guitars of his vintage do. All the cracks were narrow, and were sealed nice and tight, very smooth. The use of cleats was not needed due to the small/narrow size of the cracks. The Brazilian rosewood back and sides suffered no cracking at all, and are in great condition.
The guitar has been braced for steel strings, and is currently strung with Silk & Steel strings. We recommend keeping those type of strings on it, or using a steel string set on the lighter gauge side.
The sound of this guitar is absolutely to die for. Rich, full, and very, very well balanced,
sounds as amazing as it looks. Nice and boomy in the bass, and great definition from bass to treble.
Below is a list of specs on this guitar;

Restored by Martin Guitars, Nazareth, Pa.
Re fretted by Martin with Pre War Bar frets
Replaced vintage style bridge and saddle, pyramid style
The bridge plate has been replaced
Entire guitar refinished by Martin in the original satin style
The neck has been re set
All cracks sealed, no cleats as the cracks were very narrow and slight
Cracks only on the top of the body
Brazilian Rosewood back & sides remain uncracked
Neck is nice and straight
Some small chips exist around the bridge, and has some spruce filler as well
Includes non original hard case
This very rare guitar has a look, feel and sound unmatched by any other.
This is your opportunity to get a great guitar, and a piece of history as well.

Year Condition Color Case
1927 Good Natural Hard


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