A true bargain from one of the best-ever periods for Martin guars, this 00-17 is beautiful, sounds as warm and as full as you could ever wish for, and plays absolutely perfectly. One of most masterful repair jobs I’ve ever seen has been done on the back at the lower bass bout, so fine that I could barely find it, and the body was given an additional coat of lacquer at that time, with the neck also having been reset for a perfect action. It has a very comfortable neck contour, hand-shaped, as all Martin necks were in those years. The nut, saddle, tuners, and frets are all original and in original condition; there is minor playing wear on the top and a few scratches on the back. This is a gorgeous, unusually solid 1950s Martin, a fabulous opportunity to get one at a terrific price. $2595 w/hsc

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Matt Umanov Guitars

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