The time period late-1928 through early-1930 produced some the absolute, most mind-bending Martin guitars ever, practically regardless of model, size or grade, and this 1928 00-18 is a prime example; I have rarely played any Martin guitar, ever, that made me any happier than this one. From the latter part of 1928, it fits right in to the perfect slot. It is both light in weight, but not too light, and as strong and balanced, in every way, as they come. Traditional bar-type frets, totally gone over here in our own shop, along with the entire acton, for crisp perfect playability. Perfect replica bridge by I don’t know whom but I applaud them hugely, and a perfect neck reset by us. No top cracks whatever, two or three extremely minor, barely visible tiny side repairs. A TON of the very best Martin tone, everywhere; I just can’t say enough about this guitar. It is one of the very best Martins I’ve ever had, ever. $8995 w/ohsc

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