Completed as early as could be in 1942, which means started around September, 1941, which makes it a pre-war Martin in my book but no matter, this is minor stuff, particularly as compared with how special this guitar is. 100% original and totally untouched (other than replaced tuner buttons, by us, the originals having crumbled), this is an absolutely stunning, original, Martin nylon-string guitar. The 00-18G, with its unusual 14-fret 00-size Martin body shape but with 12-fret neck of classical proportions and traditional fan-pattern top bracing, was introduced in this form in 1936 and made up through 1962, when it was replaced by the 00-18C model. Being a Martin, and being made for gut strings (later replaced by nylon), this model was the darling of the folk set, especially during the rise of the great “folk boom” of the 1950s. In fact, if you search hard enough, you can find pictures of Erik Darling, of the wonderful folk group of the 1940s-50s, The Weavers, playing one. We’re guessing that this Martin had no more than one owner, considering its condition and also the condition of its original case, with its case manufacturer’s label and the label of the music store that originally sold the guitar still intact. Even has that cool little spring clip to keep the lid of the accessory compartment closed. I love this stuff. You’re not likely to find another early, super-light weight, gorgeous and barely ever touched Martin 00-18G like this again. $4995 w/ossc

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