1927 Martin 00-45 #33319

Excellent condition, clean and crack free, plays and sounds like it should...let's start there. Martin made 32 00-45s in 1927, the highest production year for this rare model (only about 200 made in the pre-war era). Brazilian rosewood back and sides of a quality that we can only dream about having for a modern build paired with an equally high grade red spruce top. The guitar has a replacement belly bridge and a pickguard (which I believe to be original), but more about those two elements later.

CONDITION: In the hands of the current owner (the guitar is on consignment) since the mid-60s, this 1927 00-45 has been very well maintained. At the time he purchased the guitar the prior owner reported that she sent the guitar to Martin for some minor repairs. The only evidence of prior repairs is some binding work on the fret board (evidenced by joints in the binding at the 12th fret), regluing of loose back bracing and light over spray of the back, sides and neck (NOT the top). As noted, the previous owner reported that the guitar went to Martin in the 1950s for some repair, and Martin often would do a light overspray of guitars in for repair, particularly pearl models. While no documentation exists to support this, the quality of the overspray (thin, level, factory quality) suggests that it may well have been done when the guitar went back to Martin. While the back, sides and neck show signs of this light overspray, the top does not and it appears that the top finish was not altered in any way. As you may know, catalog specs for '27 would dictate that this guitar should have no pickguard and a rectangular bridge. However, it is known from information in the Martin archives that during the late 20s frequently Martin's high end models were completed and stored in factory inventory until sold/ordered by a dealer. There are recorded examples of guitars that were built and stored before the catalog specs changed in '29 (adding a pickguard and changing from straight bridge to belly) being sold to a dealer after the change that had a pickguard and belly bridge added before being shipped. This explains the presence of belly bridges and seemingly original pickguards on many small body pearl Martins from the late 20s that pre-date the catalog spec change. This guitar's pickguard is under the finish and is definitely 30s Martin celluloid material, and as such I am judging it to be original to the guitar. Likewise, though the bridge is belly as opposed to straight and is a more modern replacement (proper size/shape), the previous bridge taken off the guitar was an old Martin belly bridge and there was no sign on the spruce top beneath of there ever having been a straight/rectangular bridge on the guitar.

Other than the finish overspray and the bridge replacement the guitar is original. All interior bracing (including bridge plate) is original and in good condition, the interior of the guitar is clean. The bridge plate has two dark circles around the E string holes that, at first, I suspected were plugs but on close inspection I don't think they are. The dark areas appear to be some kind of stain on the plate at the E pin holes rather than plugs in the plate that would indicate repair. I cannot speculate further as to the origin or purpose of these blemishes except to say that they have no impact on the functionality of the plate. The tuners are original Waverly WG-31 style with 'oak leaf' pattern decoration. The nut, bridge pins and end pin are original. The guitar had a neck reset at Kovacik Guitars about 10-12 years ago, at which time the bridge replacement was done, the frets leveled and dressed. The action currently measures 7/64" and 5/64" with 3/32" of saddle showing. The neck is very straight under tension of light gauge strings (.012-.054). Intonation is good all over the neck. Sounds like it should...big and loud when strummed with a pick, articulate when finger picked. Very responsive with a lovely 'bell-like' quality to the trebles. Comes with a non-original hardshell case with green lining (likely a Martin case from the 60s) which is in excellent condition.

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