A truly fabulous guitar. I thinned out my herd of old Martins several years ago, and the only one I kept was a 1940 000-18 (3 pounds, 2 ounces). This one is 3 pounds, 11 ounces, pretty stupid light. It had been played hard, and sat for years and had some of the normal Martin foolishness going on, most notably needing a neck set. We took it to one of my favorite luthiers, whom I have used since the 80's and he did his usual bang up job, neck set, new compensated saddle, checked and tightened any braces, bridge plate, bridge, whatever needed to be done to make it perfect, do it. There was one crack at the end pin which was repaired, but none on the top, back, or sides. Note the player wear, it was used, but came in the original hard case so was taken care of, what you see is good honest let's boogie wear.
000's in general have always been my favorite size, I find the balance between the thump and the snap to be what I like, and a lot of others do as well. I am always tickled to get one of these guys in the shop. Thanks for looking!

Coleman Music

Coleman Music

Very Good
Original Hard
12 Years
Coleman Music
Chip Coleman
China Grove, NC
6:24 PM
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