Martin’s redesigned 000-18 is the best thing that’s happened to their Mahogany 000 since, well… let just say a very long time. We’re very excited that the company has chosen to redesign the model and we applaud their new (old) design.

The 000-18 features a 14 fret body with South American mahogany back and sides, Sitka spruce top, tortoiseshell plastic bindings and beveled edge pickguard, original style 18 rosette and purflings, and 1930’s shaped bridge with black pins and drop-in bone saddle. The neck is South American mahogany, carved into a very comfortable low round profile with a nut width of 1-3/4”. The ebony fingerboard features simple pearl dot markers, a 24.9” scale, and the strings taper to 2-3/16” wide spread at the bridge. The nitrocellulose lacquer has an aged look, which, in addition to the old-style headstock logo and open-geared tuners, add to the guitar’s definitively vintage appearance.

Under the hood the 000-18 features scalloped bracing, ¼” in width, and a small 1950’s looking maple bridgeplate. Workmanship is very tidy throughout.

The guitar’s overall effect is that of a pre-war 000-18, and it’s in fact the closest thing to a mid 1930’s 000-18 that Martin has yet offered as a standard model since 1939. The instrument is open, sweet, rich, and complex but with a sparkle of brightness across the notes to liven things up.

With deluxe hardshell case

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