After the first World War, popularity of Hawaien music was on the up and Koa wood Martins were selling quite well in the early 20's.

These guitars were meant to be played "lap-steel" like with a slide bar and a nut extender to raise the action.
The nut extender was removable and these guitar were therefore mostly used as a regular guitar.

Inspired by this new found popularity, Martin revised its "17" line and proposed in 1922 the 2-17, an all mahogany guitar.
It was the first Martin guitar « Spanish Style » built to be mounted with steel strings.

”Singing Brakeman” Jimmie Rogers was probably the most famous musician to play a 2-17. This Mississippi born singer was the first Country music Superstar and largely participated in the rising popularity of the Martin 2-17.

Guitare Collection presents this beautifull Martin 2-17 from 1928.

It is very rare to find one in such a good state. Due to its very old woods (100 years old at least), this small Martin became very versatile.

Yes it is a dream come true for any picking player, giving amazingly warm, deep and precise sounds (check Jérémie playing a bit of Angie from Bert Jansch in our shop) but it sounds great as well when strumming with a pick.

The neck is a straight foward V, no kidding around at the time, though very easy to play, no setup were needed by our luthier (his words), this guitar belongued to a collector for many years and he took care of it as well as it deserved.

It comes with a very old case, not sure it is the original one though.

A real piece of history, and a must have for any collector and Martin fans, exclusively at Guitare Collection, Paris.



Very Good
Daniel Zeiller
PARIS, Ile de France
12:46 PM
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