Here we have a unbelievable 1931 Martin c-2 conversion that has been converted to a om28 By me Joel whitehead here at whitehead Guitar repair. Let me first start off by saying that this thing sounds unbelievable. The Herringbone on the guitar came out great it's super tight just like everything else on the Guitar bridge was made by whitehead guitar repair as well as complete re-fret with correct bar fret stock. Bracing used on the top is 1/4 with a Adirondack spruce top. Bridge pins are out of a original 1930s Martin om28 tuners are original to the guitar as well. If you will notice there has been a few cracks fixed on the back of the guitar they are holding up great and not going anywhere. Also there is one side crack that has been mended back together that is also solid and not going anywhere. Sides and back still does obtain its original finish as well as neck. I used correct celluloid binding on the top to match the original binding on the back. Top does have some were to it mostly from me playing it lol couldn't resist 😜. Sides and back are Brazilian Rosewood with a Ebonybridge and original ebony fingerboard. Guitar comes with a original hard Martin case from the 30s if you see in the pictures it's kind of beat up but still holds the guitar well. Please feel free to ask any other questions you might have

Year Condition Color Case
1931 Good whitehead guitar repair Original Hard


Antique fretted instruments.
Joel Whitehead