1962 Martin D-18 flat top acoustic guitar in NATURAL FINISH - in overall good road warrior condition for its age - with worn vintage red-lined hardshell case - serial number 1829XX. First things first...without question, THIS IS THE FINEST PLAYING AND BEST SOUNDING FLAT TOP IN OUR SHOP, CURRENTLY. If you are a collector of 'mint' and 'all original' guitars, this one ain't for you. THIS D-18 needs to go to an artist who is going to write, record, gig, and flat PLAY the instrument. This D-18 is loaded with all those intangibles that we like to identify as 'VIBE' - when you first pick it up, you will likely not want to put it back down. Recently, a fine local guitarist played this D-18 for about 20 minutes the other day, and I could not believe the wonderful sounds coming from across the room. Sonically, she is warm, bright, articulate - has that nice 'dried out old wood' poppiness to her tone: it is a warm country/bluesy thing that is tough to describe, but beautiful to hear. Playability: unreal. The action on this one is low and easy, and there is no fret buzz to report about. It just WORKS. RIGHT NOW. The neck has a nice strong V shape to it, but NOT the HUGE V of the 'pre war' Martins; this is a strong and pronounced V, for sure, but it still has a fairly slender feel to it, as well. Frets are probably not the originals, but there is a ton of life left - and they are super easy to play on. Condition and Cosmetics: She has been PLAYED. For almost 55 YEARS. So, she has scars and she has changes. tuners are the original Klusons, and they work great. Nut is probably not original, but again - works great. Bridge is not the original, but is very solid and works perfectly; we had our luthier recently reset the bridge to guarantee its security, and he also cleated a very small crack on the guitar's back.. This D18 had been oversprayed many moons ago - there is a ton of checking, lots and lots of scratches and dings, there is actually lacquer 'splatter' marks on some areas of the top, and a ton of other imperfections - but if the right player winds up with this guitar - it won't matter. She also had a second pickguard added yearssss ago - above the sound hole - see photos. This second guard is included (along with a teen set of screws, should you wish to reinstall it) - and actually looks quite cool and unique. There is an area around the second guard where it looks as though someone 'traced' around the guard, leaving an impression in the finish and top. For all her scars, this D18 is incredibly sound, structurally. There are some very very old repaired cracks and finish cracks on the back of the neck between the nut and 3rd fret area. Please note - this area is totally solid and must have been repaired a long long time ago. In fact, these may not even be cracks to the wood - just the finish - but it is very hard to tell - but the area is SOLID. Oh - and she does NOT need a neck set. Finally, the lacquer has really really aged over the years to a very dark amber natural - really really cool and rustic - a wonderful and very broken in and comfortable instrument. Oh - and here's the kicker - the old vintage hardshell case is COVERED in black electrical tape. YES!!! It really is quite rare that a guitar this special comes through our shop - but here it is. Some are shiny and look great on the wall - and some are meant to be PLAYED. Meant to help a person/artist CREATE. That is this D-18. Lots more photos - just ask. Feel free to call for an in hand description 859-261-5500. Thanks.

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