“The rare Martin D-19”, as I’ve heard it said, more than once. I have no idea what possessed Martin to make this cool and unusual model for a few short years, but here one is, and we don’t see them often. It is basically a D-18, but with a dark-stained top, shaded finishes being something that they had not done on any kind of regular basis since before WW II. Additionally there are a few cool, subtle decorative aspects that are a bit unusual for a mahogany-bodied Martin Dreadnaught of the day: the rosette, or soundhole inlay rings, are of 28-grade, a bit more elaborate than grade-18; the black and white lines inboard of the top bindings, which Martin calls “inlay”, are also upgraded; and there are black and white lines inboard of the back bindings as well, again something not usually found on a grade-18 Martin. Small stuff to be sure, but cool and distinctive, and they especially set off the beautiful dark coloration of the top quite well. This guitar was originally bought here as new in 1979, and it has been brought back to us by its original owner. He’s kept it nicely, with just a few nicks and small dents here and there from thirty-six years of careful playing. The action is nice and crisp, not too low and not too high, feels just right. There is the common Martin small crack by the outer edge of the pickguard, long since well taken care of. The tuners are the original American-made Grover Rotomatics and the Martin hard shell case is original too. Here at what I consider to be a true bargain price of only $1795 w/ohsc

Year Condition Case
1979 Excellent Original Hard


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