Condition isn't everything; these are tools, deliverers of music. But every once in a while, a guitar like this shows up and its thrilling to partake of its beauty. It's been played, but babied. There is one mishap: a finish ding on the side by the endpin, about 1" x 1 3/4", with no damage to the wood. Otherwise, there's minor pick scratches on the top, no cracks, apparently all original parts including its original price tag! There's no metal in the neck and plastic tuner buttons with no tuner ferrules, as befitting a war-era Martin, however, ood quality is first rate with a gorgeous pale yellow Adirondack spruce top and AAA grade Brazilian rosewood back & sides.My guess is that it's had a flawless neck-set as the action is low with the right amount of saddle showing.

The neck shape is interesting: due to the lack of a truss rod, the neck is larger than usual, though in the '40's the usual was very small necks. This on is an unusual (for Martin) C shape, and not overly large - in fact it's quite comfortable. Soundness, this guitar doesn't have the immense sound of a beat-up instrument, however it's extremely promising. There's a great deal of power just under the surface, while having a great beauty that's rare for these big boxes.

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