I am selling an excellent sounding old 1947 Martin D-28 in great, above average condition. This guitar was a one owner guitar until I acquired it from the daughter of the original owner. It is in great condition with some normal playing wear but certainly not an inordinate amount. The bridge plate and bridge are original to this guitar. The inside is clean with no monkey business. Has a fresh, professional neck reset and refret. The Bridge saddle was replaced but bridge is original. Action is great with good saddle height. Only a few small fingernail divots in the first few positions of the fingerboard that have been filled. This guitar is in very good original condition with original tuners, pick guard, non sanded bridge, all original and excellent finish all over the guitar with the exception of a small area at both ends of the pick guard where the owner put a light coat of clear laquer to seal small spots that had worn through the finish. The top is very nice and flat with no belly whatsoever, the neck is as straight as a level and the action is great with no buzzing. The original pick guard is tight. It has the typical B string crack at top edge of the pick guard that has been repaired. When I got the guitar the bridge was slightly lifting so I had my repair man do an expert job of regluing it as well as check it out for any other needs. The only other thing he found was a small crack just beginning to appear off the back of the bridge that was only visible for about 2 inches by shining a light through it, it was not open at all, so he worked some glue in to stop it as there was no need for a cleat, it is very tight. There were no other cracks anywhere, repaired or otherwise. All the finish is original, though there is some finish wear on the back of the neck. There is some buckle rash on the back but again, not an inordinate amount. Not much arm wear at all to the finish up on the top shoulder. The Brazilian. Rosewood is beautiful with dark veiny lines and a center cut book matched back. I do not believe this guitar had ever been cleaned up when I got it so I put some elbow grease into cleaning it with Virtuoso Guitar Cleaner and was amazed at the beauty of the finish and wood. She shines like a new penny. As I said, action is beautiful, plays like butter, neck is not the bulky neck, and best of all, the guitar sounds amazing with volume to spare as is typical of these early post war tapered braced dreadnaughts. Very open with a great clean low end and big, hard sounding mids on the D and G string, and crystal bell like highs. The case is a good generic black hard case with the owners name on it but not original. I have described to the best of my ability with honesty but don't be afraid to ask questions. I will answer all to the best of my ability. Lord bless and good luck on your quest for great guitar. shipping and 3% PayPal upcharge if used.

Year Condition Color Case
1947 Very Good Natural Hard

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