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This very clean consignment D-28 from late 1956 (151874) has a sparkling voice and an especially great looking set of vertical grain Brazilian Rosewood. Except for the bridge saddle, all original parts. Sold by a Seattle shop, this guitar got a neck reset, refret, and a light "cleanup" buffing by Mark Tossman. No wear to the neck or oxidation to the tuners. Light pickwear on the top in the usual spots. Very light ding-age on the back and virtually none on the sides. The lighter colored pickguard material that was used at this time period is often associated with the 1957 Martins. The original owner was very careful with this one, keeping it far away from bar gigs, drunk relatives, and doofus kids. The voice is projective, bright, and even across the strings. Very clean original Lifton case. A very special mid-1950s D-28. For a full set of photos and complete description, please see the "Vintage Martin Dreadnought" page listing on the website.

Photo set found on the website

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