The D-28 has been Martin’s flagship model since it received a 14 fret neck in 1934. The Rosewood back and sides and long scale length make this a powerful, loud and bass heavy guitar that’s perfect for cutting through the mix of a live band situation. Martin used Brazilian Rosewood for the backs and sides of their guitars until 1969 when they changed to a more prevalent variety from India. This D-28 has been played throughout its life and has the all the tone needed to back up that claim.

This 1967 Martin D-28 featuring the desirable Brazilian Rosewood and original Spruce bridge plate came from the original owner out of Alexander City, Alabama. He played bluegrass music all his life on this very guitar. It has been properly maintained is ready to go back on the stage. Repairs include a fresh neck reset with refret, bridge replair/reglue, new nut and saddle and pickguard reglue. One pickguard crack was glued as well as two back cracks. The original owner installed a Baggs UST pickup wich required an end pin jack install. This must have been the second pickup he tried because there is another jack hole on the rim. It’s just been set up with neck set and fresh saddle/nut so it plays just like it did right out of the factory.

This vintage Martin is solid and will be ready to go for years to come. It’s had the properly done repairs necessary to keep a vintage acoustic guitar sound and playable. The action is just right and plays nicely up and down the neck. I’ve personally spent time playing this guitar for its wonderful tone.
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