In the 1930’s—when the design of the modern acoustic guitar was refined—the first Martin D-28s all had Brazilian Rosewood backs and sides. As global supplies of Brazilian Rosewood became increasingly strained during the 1960’s, Martin ultimately stopped using the highly-revered tonewood in 1969 (although there are some examples from 1970). By 1992, Brazilian Rosewood became so endangered that it was added to the CITES treaty. This definitely made handling older Brazilian Rosewood instruments tricky, and it severely limited the production of new guitars with Brazilian Rosewood. Because the original style -28 Martins had Brazilian backs, though, players, builders and collectors alike revere the warm—but still clear and bright—sound of this now rare tonewood. This 1969 Martin D-28 is an excellent example of one of Martin’s last dreadnoughts made with Brazilian Rosewood back and sides. Its tone is everything you would expect—intensely focused and powerful but still warm, rich and nicely-balanced. Thanks to a recent neck reset, refret, new nut and new saddle by Dave Strunk (an exceptionally-talented Pennsylvania-based luthier who cut his teeth in the Martin Factory Repair Department), it is very comfortable to play with a smooth, fast setup and plenty of breakover angle on the saddle to drive the top. Apart from Strunk’s meticulous work, there is a ~5″-long back crack repaired long ago, and the original pickgaurd was replaced with a retrofit that is the proper size and color. As for cosmetics, this D-28 is exceptionally clean and free of severe playwear or any finish work. An excellent example of a Brazilian Rosewood dreadnought, this gorgeous 1969 Martin D-28 is consigned to us by its second owner who has owned the guitar for many years. The sale includes the original case and the original bill of sale (dated June 9, 1970). We’re honored to have such a find-sounding—and comfortable playing—instrument on the wall at such a competitive price. Please call (970) 728-9592 or e-mail for an in-hand description.

Year Condition Color Case
1969 Excellent Natural Original Hard


Telluride Music Company
Tom, Dave and Karen
Telluride, CO
10:01 AM

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