When it comes to classic American guitars its hard to beat the D-28! Up for grabs a 1973 Martin D-28! The D-28 has been used for everything from Bluegrass to rock n roll. Chances are if you have a guitar hero they’ve recorded with one or it’s one of their main axes. The D-28 is basically the archetypal dreadnought guitar. This one has got that classic big Martin sound. Very loud. Fills a room. Lots of low end growl. Clear articulate highs. And lastly a nice defined mid frequency response. Whether you wanna dig in for some bluegrass accompaniment, lay down some rock rhythm tracks or play some intricate solo arrangements this guitar has a great classic sound. Its all original except it has been re-fretted (so there is tons of life left on the frets) and there was a crack under the pick guard that has been cleated. This would be a phenomenal main guitar or an awesome axe for when you need that classic Martin sound.

Year: 1973

Model: D-28

Serial: 317745

Finish: Natural.

Case: Comes with a modern SKB hard case.

Weight: 4 pounds and 11.6 ounces.

Condition: This guitar is in very good condition.

Modifications: This D-28 has been re-fretted. There was a pick guard crack that was repaired (1 cleat).

Comments: Classic bluegrass work horse!

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