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D-28 is easy to add dynamics to both loud and delicate sounds

Martin / 2000 D-28

The D-28 has seen specification changes from 1990 to 2000s.

If you take a look at the characteristics of each period, you will become more attached to the "Nippachi" that represents Martin.

This time we have a D-28 made in 2000.
The top spruce has changed its color to a more subdued color, giving it a unique used charm.
The Indian rosewood on the back of the body is also quarter-sawn and has a distinctly dark and tasteful appearance.

The headstock is equipped with Gotoh shear-type tuners with the Martin logo.
A gold decal logo shines on the head top, and this kind of design is also a feature.
The rosewood used for the veneer also has black lines running through it, which is quite cool.

The sound has a great volume that responds well to the sound of a screeching stroke.
On the other hand, the sound can also express fragility, as it produces a well-defined sound even with delicate nuances.
Since it is easy to add dynamics throughout the performance, it may be perfect for storytelling.

This D-28 is a representative model of Martin, and is still highly recommended.

[Specs/included case]
BRACING: Non-Scalloped-X
TOP : Solid Sitka Spruce
BACK/SIDES : Solid Indian Rosewood
NECK : Mahogany
NUT WIDTH : 42 mm
SCALE : 648 mm
Electronics : n/a
CASE : Original Hard Shell Case

[External Condition]
There are some minor scratches and chips, but considering the age of the case, it remains in beautiful condition.
There is a 2cm crack repair on the body side of the first string side.
It is barely noticeable unless you shine a light on it. There is no problem with the strength.
The saddle has been replaced and the playing condition has been adjusted after arrival.
End pins have been replaced.

[Playing condition]
- Thorough inspection and adjustment of neck and wood by acoustic guitar specialist.
- Neck is straight, no chatter or clogging.
- String height at 12th fret: 2.5mm on 6th string side, 2.0mm on 1st string side
- Saddle protrusion: approx. 3.5mm-4.0mm

[Covered by 5-year Premium Adjustment Warranty]
- Playability adjustment support by acoustic guitar craftsmen specializing in acoustic guitars with a track record of approximately 2,000 repairs/adjustments per year
- Custom adjustments to suit your playing style are available.
- Fret replacement and other wear parts work will be quoted separately.

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- Thorough adjustment by craftsmen specializing in acoustic guitars.

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