We get vintage Martins through our shop all the time, so we're well-acquanted with that old-school opened-up sound, and there's a palpable difference compared to newer Martins. This D-45GE, however, offers all the rich, explosive tone of a vintage instrument with only a few years to its name! Modeled after a 1937 D-45 down to the Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides and Adirondack Spruce top, this 2001 D-45GE is a piece-for-piece recreation of one of man's greatest guitars.Whether you're a fingerstylist of a flatpicker, playing Traditional, Bluegrass, or Jazz, this Martin is a finely-honed tool capable of matching you note for note with consistent projection across all six strings. The bass is warm and enveloping, perfectly balanced with the other registers. Under even a delicate touch, this D-45GE lights up like fireworks on July 4th, with sweet treble overtones hanging in the air like smoke from the mortars. In true vintage style, this Martin has a modified "V" neck and a glass-smooth setup for easy playability, and a 1 3/4" nut.All of that is to say, this 2001 Martin D-45GE is a marvel of tone, aesthetics, and vintage vibe--the worthy decendent of a living legend.

Year Condition Color
2001 Excellent Brazilian Rosewood


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