A rare opportunity for a rare Martin. Back in 1976, for our Bicentennial, Martin came out with a special limited Edition commemorative model D-76 guitar, replete with an engraved mother-of-pearl eagle on the peghead, five-pointed stars for fingerboard inlays, and herringbone trim for its rosette and center inlay for its special three-piece back. They made exactly 1,976 of them, and each got a special engraved brass plate inside with its serial number and Number of Edition. This particular guitar is No. 1891/1976. A totally unique feature of these guitars, which Martin had never done before and has never done since, is that their warranties were transferrable from one owner to the next, ad infinitum; all other Martin instruments have warranties limited to their original owners only. These guitars also had the then-smaller top bracing of a D-35. Today, these rare models routinely go for upwards of $6000, but we’ve got a special situation here: due to perhaps some minor lapses of judgment it has gotten a few minor marks in the finish, some scrapes and nicks, which are all that prevent it from being perfect. The action is perfect, the neck is perfectly straight, the frets are virtually unworn, there are no cracks or physical issues to be found anywhere, and… it sounds like Francis Scott Key was all over it when he heard those “bombs bursting in air”, which is to say it’s a perfect cannon. Has pickup already installed, appears to be what was not even a gleam in Larry Fishman’s eye when this guitar was made forty years ago. Bottom line: true, true bargain. Original case long since gone, perhaps lost somewhere in Fort McHenry, but with a guitar this great, who cares? Only $2795 w/ssc

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