Up for sale, a 1940's Masco MAP-15 vintage tube guitar amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order. In the decade before Leo Fender gave the world a template from which all future guitar amps would build and expand upon, Masco was one of a few brands crafting amps uniquely suited for guitar use, including perhaps their most popular model (if such a thing can be said of such a rare amp), the MAP-15.

Completely point-to-point wired and built with surprisingly robust components, the MAP-15 utilizes two 6L6 power tubes rectified by a 5Y3, with 6SL7 preamp tubes for a tone that has the warmth, grit and upper midrange presence comparable to an early Fender Tweed. The amp delivers a smooth, soft attack with lots of sustain, and single note lines are very full bodied. This Masco is also very sensitive and responsive to the pickups being played through it, and the Jensen P12T speaker certainly provides lots of creamy breakup when you turn the amp up and push it a bit.

This Masco has been completely gone through and meticulously restored with an eye towards originality. While we feel that there is an undeniable "magic" to the way components drift off-spec over time, we've endeavored to keep the circuit as original as possible, while also admitting that a majority of the caps and resistors did warrant replacement so that the amp could sound its best. Great care was taken with the point-to-point wiring and to use the highest quality parts possible for decades of future, trouble-free use. All of the original transformers are present and quite heavy duty as well. The input jacks each have a unique tone (three being the hottest), and simple Volume and Tone controls are all you need to get a great range of saturated tube tones!

Cosmetically, this amp is particularly clean and very well cared for given its age and also taking into account the less robust cabinets and coverings used on guitar amps in this era. It's also easily one of the most visually striking and aesthetically cool amps ever made, with a gorgeous turquoise, brown, and mustard faceplate with music staff graphics and neatly placed knobs and jacks so as not to detract from the impact of the artwork. The face of the amp retains the original metal Masco badge, and the grillcloth still faintly shows its treble clef silkscreening. The smooth mustard and brown faux alligator covering on the amp is clean and original, with some minor scuffs and wear on the bottom edges, but overall the covering is remarkably intact. On the top of the amp, there are a few tiny extra mounting holes from a previously installed handle, but a correct leather handle and low-profile mounting brackets have been installed to complete the original look of the amp.

This Masco is a rare and desirable model which has been fully serviced and is ready for stage and studio use!
Year Condition Color Case
~1945 Brand New Brown & Mustard None

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