Californian amp maker since 1989, Matchless is well known.

Used by many big names in the musical field, these amps have the reputation of offering very balanced tones, which can shine in many musical universes, and also a very natural and efficient reverb.

Guitare Collection presents one of the brand's most iconic models.

Here is the Matchless DC-30 Rev in White finish from 2015.

This amp is equipped with 2x12, and is in perfect working order.

It offers a very ample sound, and an ease of adjustment, which makes it possible to quickly obtain an interesting color.
Plus, its aesthetic style adds to its personality, with the "Matchless" logo that lights up when the amp is on.

(Renowned musicians playing on Matchless DC-30: Billy Gibbons, Bob Dylan, Brian May, Bruce Springsteen, Caleb Followill, Elvis Costello, Joe Perry and many more ...)

Dimensions: 69 cm x 27 cm x 52 cm

Find it at Guitare Collection Paris!



6 Years
Daniel Zeiller
PARIS, Ile de France
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