A tricked-out version of the ROD880, the ROD881 Real Overdrive/Distortion offers even more tone shaping control than its older cousin. Powered by a hand-selected 12AY7EH preamp tube, the ROD881 takes all the great overdriven tube sounds of the ROD880 and turbo charges them by adding a switchable Distortion mode for searing, super-saturated guitar tones that rival the biggest of the big rigs in the amp world. In addition, the ROD881 features a Footswitchable Boost mode that effectively adds another channel to your amplifier.

The ROD881's switchable Distortion mode adds a secondary, cascaded gain stage into the signal path for even more extreme tube punishment than the ROD880. In addition to simply adding more Gain, the selectable OD/Distortion modes greatly increase the versatility of the ROD881, allowing it to function in a variety of roles from semi-clean booster to ultra-high gain preamp.

The ROD881's Footswitchable Boost function then allows the user to take full advantage of these sounds by creating an additional channel for quick changes between solos and rhythms. When combined with the various clean and drive settings on your amplifier, these two unique features create a multitude of easily accessible tone settings at the touch of your foot, effectively turning your amplifier into a two- or three-channel "uber" amp.

The tones of the ROD881 can be fine tuned using via its large, easy-to adjust control panel. Gain and Master Volume provide complete and precise command of the ROD881's output level and amount of Drive. Bass, Treble, and Mid Boost controls with extended operation ranges offer a limitless array of tonal options, from the classic "808" tone to extremely beefy low end chunk.

All of these sounds are then kept clean and noise-free via the rear mounted, switchable Noise Reduction circuitry with variable Threshold control and a 1:2 noise reduction ratio. Powered via a standard 9-volt DC adaptor that allows easy integration into your pedalboard or rack setup, the ROD881 offers the maximum amount of options for the distortion connoisseur.

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