The closer you get to perfection, the harder it is to improve, is it not? If that's the case, then how was Lance McCollum able to get so close to perfection with this guitar, and make it look effortless? Combining the rippling Fiddleback Claro Walnut back and sides with Curly Redwood, McCollum gave this GA a voice with butter-smooth warmth across the trebles, and a punchy middle register which begs for a fingerstylist's ministrations.

Responsive to the lightest touch, this deep-bodied GA offers delicate treble overtones and rich, haunting bass notes to fill out your arrangements and lend new color to old tunes. Playing this guitar is an excercise in weightlessness: the build is lightweight, the neck profile and setup so smooth and glassy as to practically play itself, and the projection is effortless and expansive. Do yourself a favor and find a way to come play this McCollum--you won't be disappointed.

Year Condition
1997 Near Mint


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