If Paul McGill ever builds a less-than-stellar guitar, the end times are upon us. The man's got serious skills, and a reputation to match--and his Turbo model is one of the best calling cards in the business. What makes the Turbo so hot to trot? McGill employs a unique five-fan brace pattern, along with long struts that span the entire length of the body, to create a vigorous tone which fuses traditional Spanish warmth with the clarity of modern lattice braces. Certainly, a Cedar top and Cocobolo Rosewood back and sides help take that warm precision and crank up the projection and richness factors, until this 2007 Turbo becomes a vehicle for both vibrant crescendos and a subtle adagio.Paul's craftsmanship is top-notch, so you can rest assured that every other aspect of this guitar is in tip-top shape, including the new jumbo frets with which Paul refretted this powerhouse in 2009, and his tasteful aesthetic (the fuchsia rosette and purflings are here pulled off in handsome style). As if all of that weren't enough, this Turbo also has a glass-smooth neck profile, with a slinky setup and low action for articulate, expressive playing. 
Year Condition Color
2007 <Unknown> Rosewood - Cocobolo


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