1960's McIntosh C-20 Preamp

1960’s  All Tube Preamp for - Turn tables - Tuners - Receivers - AUX-CD Player! Highly sought after for the audio features and the  Superb Tube Analog audio signal path for Hi Fi Listening!
Condition - Excellent-  Plexi Panel has some wear as the Bronze Volume Panel has wear! (Does not effect C-20 Audio). Knobs not original!
Serviced - All Electrolytic Caps Replaced with New caps - some Resistors and signal  path caps replaced where needed - New Tubes - Tested in Audio  Circuits Excellent !!!  (Schematics Included)
Covers: None
Serail # IL 142    “Very Early Production "
Sale Price : $ 2325.00 Plus Shipping Lower 48 USA
Vintage Guitars and Amps

Vintage Guitars and Amps

Vintage Guitars and Amps
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