McPherson 4.0XP Redwood/Brazilian Acoustic Guitar #2016-Used


RARE and EXOTIC Brazilian Rosewood on this museum-grade Mcpherson!

What we think:

Where do they find this wood? 

It's unreal 

That sapwood. . .

In Spain, they call this kind of pattern "Puerta de Inglesia" (Church Door") 

Which is a truly fitting description given the tone of this guitar

It sounds like a CATHEDRAL in there 

It's warm and inviting, yet drenched in overtones and sustain 

This isn't just a guitar, it's sonic architecture



Condition: Exellent.

Manufacturer Description:

Redwood is similar to Cedar, warm, rich, and complex. It exhibits a slightly darker tone with less pronounced bass and more headroom than Cedar.

Generally considered the best tonewood for steel stringed instruments; Brazilian Rosewood is a highly prized choice for back and sides. Endangered and becoming very rare, Brazilian Rosewood has everything other rosewoods have to offer and more. A rich powerful sound full of overtones and depth.

Year Condition
Call Very Good


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