McPherson 4.5 Camrielle Brazilian/ Addy Acoustic Guitar


Holy grail of tonewood combinations, but on a McPherson!

What we think:

What can I say about the Camrielles? I own one. After years of vintage guitar worship, it feels strange to admit that. After all, these are thoroughly modern instruments: radical bracing, tapered body, bolt-on graphite-reinforced neck, sharp cutaway, Feiten tuning system... and that offset soundhole! But the ears don't lie, and I've never heard anything quite like my McPherson. It makes sounds I've tried for years to get other guitars to make, and it does so effortlessly. Notes ring out against each other without clashing, sustaining improbably long and swirling around like starlings over a Wisconsin cornfield. And, to my never-ending delight, every note on the guitar is spot-on in tune. All the awkward, up-the-neck passages from my fingerstyle repertoire that never were quite in tune on a standard acoustic suddenly fell into line on the McPherson. It sounds like a magic trick, and maybe that's just what it is.

Just when I thought I'd never hear a guitar better than my EIR/Sitka 4.5 Camrielle, in walks the exact same model, but in Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack spruce. Vive la difference! The marimba key quality of the back and sides plus the immediate response and aching clarity of the master-grade top takes this guitar to the next level. For those who think that tonewood selection is all hype and marketing, I challenge you to come and see what the folks at McPherson can do with some world-class wood.

- Rob Sharer, Sound Pure Luthier


It's hard to argue with Brazilian, and when it's paired with a truly refreshing and crispy piece of Adirondack, you get a guitar too good to pass up. Brilliant, shimmering tone just pours out of this instrument, and with McPherson's revolutionary bracing system you get unreal projection of that tone, packing the room with sound. The Koa binding adds a nice spicy accent to this stately guitar. This is a master player's instrument, capable of incredibly dynamic musical expression and there are few that are its equal in the world.

Manufacturer Description:

More than three decades ago, McPherson revolutionized the acoustic guitar world by introducing a unique Offset Soundhole Technology. This breakthrough design increased the total flexible surface area on the central part of the instrument.

Since then, we have continued to be a pioneer in the marketplace with our state-of-the-art bracing, cantilivered neck, and soundhole design.

When asked the question, “Why do you play a McPherson guitar?”, some might answer it’s the superior craftsmanship or the stability of the neck. Some might say it’s the innovative design or the inspiration it brings to the performer. But without a doubt they will all agree it’s the sound of the McPherson guitar that sets it apart from the crowd. The rich, full tone and clarity of the McPherson guitar is like no other. Once you pick one up, you will never want to put it down.


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