McPherson MG-4.5XP Quilted Maple/Bear Claw Sitka 12-String


The most elegant 12-string imaginable. This is all the jangle you'll ever need! 

What we think:

This guitar sounds like Christmas. Enough said? It practically sparkles when strummed. Rich and defined tone. With all those notes, Maple is a great choice for a back and side wood. It holds the fundamental very well and imparts the slightest hint of overtone (not much is needed with courses). Also, its quilts are heavenly :) The Bear Claw Sitka is beautifully textured, like rippled sand. It also invites hard strumming. Gorgeous instrument. If you've always wanted a 12-string and want the best. Look no further. This is a symphonic instrument.

NOTE: due to its design, this one won't exhibit the same drawbacks as other 12s :) It intonates, stays to pitch, and only moves when you want it too. 

Manufacturer Description:

A slightly stiffer version of Sitka with unique figure appearing in the grain. Bear Claw Sitka exhibits tonal characteristics of Sitka Spruce, but because of its added strength it can have a more robust and punchy voice.

Sometimes referred as "Big Leaf" Maple, Quilted Maple is generall softer than Flamed Maple. Quilted Maple is therefore silghtly darker and warmer.

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