McPherson Kevin Michael Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar CT468RB


A travel sized carbon fiber guitar that sounds great!

What we think:

With the McPherson name already associated with this piece, I should have known what to expect. Modern design, pushing the boundaries rarely tested in the waters of luthiery is the norm for them. As a guitar purist, I have no problem admitting I'm a bit skeptical and off put by the thought of a carbon fiber instrument - but boy, was I wrong. This thing is putting out some serious sound for a guitar of its size and stature. The tone is fairly reminiscent of the McPherson name, with great articulate clarity note to note on every string. This is the perfect guitar for someone who needs a high-end travel companion that you can take anywhere on the go!

Manufacturer Description:

This new line continues McPherson’s legacy of innovation in the use of advanced technology in building truly superior guitars. The McPherson team developing the new line of guitars includes Ellis Seal, the former aerospace engineer and founder of Composite Acoustics® carbon fiber guitar company.

Ellis says of the new guitars:

“In my 16 years of building carbon fiber instruments, the Kevin Michael™ guitars are by far the most advanced and best sounding carbon guitars I’ve experienced. Being part of the McPherson® team has allowed me to really take the carbon fiber guitar to a whole new level.”

Matt McPherson, founder and designer of McPherson guitars:

“In an acoustic guitar world filled with so many options, the Kevin Michael Carbon Fiber Guitar is designed to stand apart from the rest. We took our years of experience innovating and building world-class wood guitars and blended those technologies into this new guitar. The Kevin Michael series now defines a new day for carbon guitars.”

The Kevin Michael™ Touring Carbon Fiber Guitar, is the go-to guitar for every player’s needs. From the touring musicians playing at the Opry to the aspiring musicians playing on the back porch. A little guitar that will do everything a full size guitar can do.

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