Mcpherson MG 3.5 Sitka/Rosewood Acoustic Guitar


Elegant McPherson with a classic tonewood combination!

What we think:

Each McPherson that comes into the shop has a unique and captivating character, and this new Sikta/East Indian rosewood MG is a unique indeed, while being classic! The Sitka/East Indian combination has always been a fantastic go-to for reliable tone, whether your strumming all day or burning up the neck all night. This is a great example of that coveted "scooped" sound, prominent bass with sizzling highs for exciting tone, but this warm Sitka top keeps things nice and focused. And you can't argue with space-age McPherson playability!

Manufacturer Description:

More than three decades ago, McPherson revolutionized the acoustic guitar world by introducing a unique Offset Soundhole Technology. This breakthrough design increased the total flexible surface area on the central part of the instrument.

Since then, we have continued to be a pioneer in the marketplace with our state-of-the-art bracing, cantilivered neck, and soundhole design.

When asked the question, “Why do you play a McPherson guitar?”, some might answer it’s the superior craftsmanship or the stability of the neck. Some might say it’s the innovative design or the inspiration it brings to the performer. But without a doubt they will all agree it’s the sound of the McPherson guitar that sets it apart from the crowd. The rich, full tone and clarity of the McPherson guitar is like no other. Once you pick one up, you will never want to put it down.


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