We’ve seen many McPhersons over the years, but this MG-5.0XP in Koa and Port Orford Cedar is one of the most balanced we’ve played, and it’s gorgeous to boot with impressive projection and playability. Good Koa is hard to come by these days, but the set that makes up the back and sides of this guitar is some primo grade stuff: tight flame across the grain, a mix of darker clays and faint umbers, and a lovely spread of chatoyance when turned in the light. The deceptively-colored Port Orford Cedar top lends a warmth and softness to the crunchy clarity of the Koa, rounding out the voice and giving the bass an extra spike of juicy overtones.

The 5.0 is their largest body, and that makes for an extra loud instrument; great projection with even a light touch. It’s not often that a guitar really excels in both flatpicked and fingerstyle arenas, but this 2008 McPherson MG-5.0XP manages it quite handsomely (in more ways than one). Moreover, this beauty has opened up sweetly over the years but is still in superb condition. The classic McPherson V neck, 25.5” scale, and L.R. Baggs RTS II pickup come together for the complete package, wrapped up in a custom fit Ameritage case. Hats off to the folks at McPherson for this one!

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