Meinl 14" Byzance Sand Hi Hat Cymbals


Low, dark and somewhat dry washy sound that isn’t too soft or loud

What we think:

The Sand cymbals are hammered, lathed and sandblasted to precise tolerances.The heavier bottom cymbal of the Sand hats is lathed and polished, the top cymbal is left unlathed and raw. The hats have a warm feel and are capable of a wide range of expression.
At low volumes they have a feathery soft and controlled touch. Laid into, they have striking a balance between defined and meaty.

Manufacturer Description:

Its unusual sandblasted surface gives it a soft feel and a distinct matte finish. Its low, dark and somewhat dry washy sound isn’t too soft or loud. With its great stick definition and short sustain, you can dig into Byzance Vintage for total control at all times. It's a sound that fits into any music that isn't in the upper decibel levels.

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