Meinl 18" Byzance Vintage Trash Crash


Another Great Cymbal from Meinl's ever-expanding Byzance range.

What we think:

Byzance Vintage is one of the newer sub-series (currently six in total) which make up the Byzance range. The Vintage crashes have flatter profiles and smaller bells. With eight cut-outs in this effects cymbal, trashiness and visible decay are abound. Sandblasting gives the cymbals a semi-matt lustre not unlike the decades-induced patina found on roadworn cymbals and makes it a living finish. The more often the cymbal gets handled, the smoother the cymbal will become. The thinness and extensive hammering puts these cymbals at the dryer and darker end of the Byzance cymbal spectrum.


Manufacturer Description:

Cut-outs of varied sizes and shapes give the cymbal a unique look, wide tonal spread, and trashy, noisy sound.

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